Southwood Redevelopment Overview

Habitat for Humanity is supporting the redevelopment of the Southwood Mobile Park as the non profit owner, developer, and property manager. Habitat purchased the park in 2007 to prevent massive and catastrophic resident displacement and has invested more than $25M to stabilize operations ever since. Long term, Habitat’s goal is to turn over complete ownership to the residents themselves in a redeveloped community of sustainable, permanent housing.  

Vision Statement

Southwood is a community that is founded on respect for all people and for our neighborhood.  We value the safety of everyone, including our physical, social and economic security.  We believe in affordability in all aspects of our lives, keeping costs down so we can build economic stability for our families.  We show solidarity with one another by helping and supporting each other, and we hope to preserve and grow our solidarity by teaching our children and inviting new neighbors to join us. Family, friends and community are a priority, and we hope to create a sense of belonging where our community can thrive.

Humility, passion, unity, servanthood and thankfulness.