Frequently Asked Questions

Which schools are designated for the Southwood community?

Elementary school-aged children currently attend Mountain View Elementary SchoolBurley Middle School and Monticello High School serve the older students in the community.  

What public transportation comes to Southwood?

The Southwood community is serviced by the Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) bus on Route 3. 

What parks can I use nearby?

Southwood has pocket parks for neighbors to enjoy in the community. Within a mile and a half, Azalea Park boasts a lively dog park, water access to Moore’s Creek along a winding Rivanna Trail, a playground, and a basketball court. Directly adjacent to Southwood, Biscuit Run Park will open in the future to provide over a thousand acres of recreational space. Currently under the master planning process, the county plans for a Biscuit Run Park pedestrian connection to the Southwood community. 

How many Habitat Houses are being built in Southwood?

The first 33 homes are currently under construction in the first half of 2023. Habitat will build 300+ affordable homes over the course of redevelopment throughout Southwood. 

How does Habitat define "affordable"?

Habitat homebuyers fall in a spectrum of 20-60% Area Median Income (AMI). Habitat Mortgages do not exceed 30% of a homebuyer's income. 

How do Habitat sales prices compare to market rate home sales?

Habitat sells homes at their appraised values which are consistent with surrounding market rate homes, but that is not what families pay. We provide 30-year, zero-interest mortgages to homebuyers with total housing payments not to exceed 30% of the homebuyer's income. Their mortgage amount tends to be less than half of the appraised value. We supplement their mortgage with public and private sources to try to recover all or most of our cost to build.

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